Top 10 reasons to partner with a telecom broker

Telecom Broker Partnerships Save Time, Money & Stress

September 1, 2020 – Nobie Ann Saenz


We are a one stop telecom shop

Rather than dealing with multiple sales reps from multiple carriers, you can deal with just one trusted, unbiased, consultant.  We are able to provide solutions from multiple carriers, so if a combination of three different providers is the best fit for your business & budget, we can coordinate all the orders as we represent them all.


Higher Satisfaction Rate

Because our business is built on the long term relationships we develop with our clients, and not just the immediate sale, we can deliver a higher level of satisfaction for our customers. We work with your IT and Voice Equipment staff and/or vendors to ensure a smooth transaction.


Single Point of Contact

No more dialing into toll free numbers and endless loops of auto attendants or on hold music. We will be your single point of contact for service related issues. Often times we have a good idea as to if the issue is carrier or equipment related and can initiate those trouble tickets for you.


Easy to compare analysis

Because we offer a variety of carriers, we understand the differences of using one over the other.  Thus, giving you a truly unbiased opinion and easy to compare side by side analysis outlining your options & potential savings. We are YOUR Communications Concierge!



Working with a broker who is familiar with various providers strengths & weaknesses, and how to capitalize on them is invaluable and as companies grow and expand across markets, their needs for telecom connectivity between locations and between carriers becomes even greater.  We can assist by consolidating your telecom needs onto fewer bills, often even just one, saving you time, money and stress.


Billing Audits

We will review your telecom bill on an ongoing basis to ensure you are being billed correctly. For instance, if you change providers, we will make sure that your final invoices and first invoices are checked for accuracy.


We treat your $ as if it was our own

When was the last time you reviewed your rate plan to ensure you were paying the best rates available to you? Many carriers change their pricing, add new features, increase bandwidth, or enhance their services on a regular basis and with a Broker/Agent looking out for your best interests, you won’t pay more than you should and we will help you navigate the ever changing telecom & tech landscape.


You know how & where to find us

We are a local Telecom Broker with ties to the community and local associations who understand the market, are knowledgeable of the carriers that represent the area, and we know the vendors you already work with & who support your systems. More importantly they know and trust us; so you can too!


No Sales Quota pressure

As a Broker, we have no carrier sales quotas to hit so we work on your timeline, within your budget and at your convenience to ensure the right solution is offered and we invest the time to help you find it…unlike a direct rep, who all too often make a sale and are never heard from again.


Carriers Love Us

Many carriers have reduced or eliminated their direct reps and gone with Indirect Channel Brokers/Agents to sell their products because they understand that direct reps come and go, but Brokers/Agents typically have a goal of cultivate long term customer relationships. We can offer you the same great rates, packages, and discounts that you would get carrier direct but with specialized white glove service.

Communications Concierge hopes to earn your business and become your trusted telecom Broker.  Call us today to request your TOTALLY FREE, ZERO OBLIGATION Telecom audit and let’s start a conversation to discover how our Telecom Broker Partnerships Save Time, Money & Stress!

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